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A NEW Tradition

In 2018 my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure. In order to slow down the deterioration of her kidney function, she cut out all animal protein and became a vegan. In order for us to eat dinners together, I, too, became semi-vegan (still love a good steak). I soon learned one can only eat so many salads until they just can't be tolerated any more. This led me to seek ways to make those salads more exciting. I settled on µGreens (microgreens). Now I'm finding these µGreens are great with many foods...sandwiches, soups, and even desserts. If I'm going to grow µGreens, I might as well make them available to others. This led to theGOOD Hill Farm.

As I researched it, I discovered there were many ways to grow the µGreens. I settled on the system developed by Larry J Hountz at City Hydro in Baltimore. I've since modified it for increased cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Having been a continual process improvement advocate for 20+ years now, we'll continue implementing it at GOOD Hill Farm.

If you find a µGreen you like that we don't have, please let us know. We'll track it down and add it to our product line. Our company is based on exceptional customer service. You won't find better service anywhere. Want to try a µGreen before placing an order? We'll order some seeds so you can try it for free. Want a mix of µGreens? We'll create it for you. Our only minimum delivered order is half a tray. If you have an emergency need for additional µGreens and we have them available, we'll deliver them that day at no additional charge. We'll even check with one of our other nearby fellow growers and pick it up from them if necessary. At GOOD Hill Farm, YOU are the boss. We'll do anything to keep you happy. Exceptional customer service IS alive and well at GOOD Hill Farm.

Types of


These are the µGreens we can provide.

We can deliver any of these to you in about 3 weeks or less.

If you'd like to first sample a µGreen, let us know. We'll order it, prepare a sample, and deliver it at no cost to you.

Recipes and Uses for


µGreen Salad

Kale, chard, cucumber, avocado, and a bit of olive oil

µGreen Salad


We offer amazing live µGreens to restaurants in and around Fauquier County, VA. To add pizzazz to your soups, salads, main dishes, or garnishes, please contact us:

(540) 216-0101 (leave a message)

GOOD Hill Farm; Warrenton, VA